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South African Fishing at its Best

Imagine fishing at one of South Africa's best kept secret fishing destinations! "The Wild Coast", home to many gamefish waiting to take your bait and test your skills. This is Africa fishing at its best....

Your Guide Dave Forsyth, has fished for the KZN Masters in 4 National Competitions with great success and has years of experience fishing on the Transkei Wild Coast...

Many fish species to target..

From Sharks to Garrick, Kob to Couta, there is an endless number of species to test your angling skills, and when they just seem to elude you, just ask us and we can guide you on the right track to success...

Travel to Umzikaba and fish off the island for sharks and couta.
In 1554 the Portuguese ship Sao' Benito sank near the Umzikaba River mouth and pieces of pottery can still be found on the island.

The endangered Cape Griffon Vultures roost and breed in the cliffs of the Lupatana River.

Take a walk to Waterfall Bluff, one of the few places where you can witness a waterfall plunging directly into the ocean.

The birding is excellent with ground Hornbills and Raptors to be seen.

Yes you to can enjoy this Angling paradise, whilst making yourself at home in our Comfortable Cottage scarcely 75m from the surf.To find out more, click for fishing vacation details...


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